Friday, April 29, 2005


Smirking for Britain

I seem to have been spending every spare moment working in Flash recently, with the result of another anim out and another on the way (not to mention actually getting some proper paying work done, which is nice). The latest is another political one, Smirk a little smirk, with music by Doghorse and lyrics by Miss Prism.

As an aside, I have been intrigued by the reaction to my last release, Camilla Queen. I expected a certain amount of vitriol from those who feel the monarchy is above reproach, but it has been rather lacking, with the exception of one rather illiterate response claiming "enuff is enuff". There has however been a number of people pointing out that the Brian May mouse, playing the kazoo, has the kazoo the wrong way round. It is this level of irrelevant pedantry that makes me love the net.

By the way, the mouse is playing the kazoo the only way he can, they have very small mouths. As you will know if you visit my site, I value realism very highly.

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Monday, April 18, 2005


Do they still send people to the Tower?

If so, I suspect Doghorse and I will be there shortly. We have a new creation online, Camilla Queen (900KB flash anim), a king size epic of regal romance. It's also rather rude, slightly cruel, extremely silly and stuffed full of kazoos. You have been warned.

Slightly less rude is GOOSEQUEST!, a flash anim by the lovely GrandmaOfShoes about his search for his goose. It has top squigglevision (he animated all the decaying objects in Compost Bin and has a smashing style), a cute little ditty, and periodic ear shattering HONKS (speaking from experience, watch out for them if you have earphones on and your volume up high).

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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Will Flash For Cash

Doghorse and I have just launched a new web site, designed to make it easy for people to 1. ask for us to make an animation or song about something and 2. hire us for some nice, fun web project. It's been in the background for a while, and we kept getting distracted by said fun web projects, so I'm pleased we finally got it live today. If you fancy a nose about, it's It contains a squirrel who is desperate to show you his pants*, so it can't be bad.

Completing the site means I now have some time to focus on the next project, an animation for Doghorse's Camilla Queen. My mind is boggling at the prospect.

*That's UK pants rather than the less adventurous American version.


Friday, April 08, 2005


London Calling Election Special, 2005

Well, we have a month of political campaigning to look forward to, so to kick it off I got together with Doghorse and Beau Bo D'Or to make an election special animation, a new version of London Calling, for the folk over at Spin On.

A fun project, pulling together the quality satire of Beau Bo D'Or, rocking music of Doghorse and the usual punk squirrel silliness and wiggling bare arses from my good self. Not that it's my bare arse, I hasten to add, although it was willingly donated to the animation as an opportunity for the owner to "moon Whitehall".

Next project: PENGUINS! Oh aye. Lovely lovely penguins. Then maybe some more politics.

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