Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Big things are happening in eclectech world...

... but I can't write about them online yet as I haven't got my act together and told all my offline friends. I am officially rubbish, but not quite rubbish enough to send a mass email round to my oldest friends with a pointer to a blog post so, in the meantime, I provide a quick blast of disco cats and run away again.

You can prod them and poke them at The Revo site, a fun project I've been working on recently.

I hope all is well in the wider bloggy world. Back soon! Love e.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Do you speak english?

For a change I thought I'd post an old Big Train sketch I stumbled upon at YouTube. I liked the show in general but this was a particular favourite and I was most pleased to be reminded of it.


Thursday, May 03, 2007


I suppose 10 years of New Labour deserves some recognition...

... but I decided to focus on the one on his way out with my new animation, My Way (the Blair version).

I expect this is my last animation featuring Blair. As you can imagine I'm welling up.

The really disturbing thing for me at the moment is that I'm not sure what I want the result of the current elections to be and I suspect I'll be making the final call about who to vote for in the voting booth.

Possibly holding my head in my hands and sobbing quietly to myself.

This year our voting papers are rather reminiscent of the Life of Brian and the Judean People's Front / People's Front of Judea silliness. We have two socialist parties (bickering publicly in their leaflets), two Christian parties (one of which delivered a very offensive leaflet) and two nationalist parties.

On the plus side at least I can still vote the proper way and head over to a local polling booth and make my cross on a bit of paper. Very unsure about electronic voting, and the fact that everyone I know with knowledge about how such things work refuses to use them makes me think I have a point.

E-voting as secure as an insecure thing
Doubts raised over e-count system
Vote early, vote often
Government cancelled e-vote schemes amid security fears
Hacking the online ballot box

Some other news stories that have been of interest recently...
US war on terror is a war on tourists, too
No medals for UK Government over London Olympics security
Kid wrongly imprisoned for bomb threat - error due to Daylight Savings Time

And before I head away I realised I missed Blogging Against Disablism Day 2007 this year so time to pop over to the Goldfish and catch up.

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