Friday, February 24, 2006


Work your proper hours!

Today is Work Your Proper Hours Day so make sure you get away on time and have a nice evening; you could always have a quick play of our 9 to 5 game.

For your own good you'd better make sure your nice evening doesn't involve saying a swear word to your mates though, or you'll be fined £80. I won't go on about the absurdity of using 'Respect' laws to control language in this way, but I hope this causes some debate on how a swear word on its own does not indicate abusive behaviour. Madness.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006


The Bill to End all Bills?

Unfortunately I'm not talking about electricity bills here, but rather the exceptionally dull sounding Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. Except it's not really very dull. It's actually quite worrying.

In a briefing to clients the Clifford Chance law firm points out that the Bill "usurps the power of Parliament". It gives ministers power to amend, repeal or replace any legislation simply by making an order and without having to bring a Bill before Parliament. Forgive me for my suspicious nature but that seems to be moving us rather further away from a democracy than I'm happy with.

It really doesn't seem to getting the media attention it deserves, but here are a few articles for those of you who can't believe what I'm saying, just pick your source.
BBC | The Times | The Times (letter) | The Guardian | The Telegraph | Bloggers | Parliament

Whilst on my news trawl I also came across this article, suggesting that creationism is taking hold in UK education establishments; it concerns me that we're going to end up with attempts to teach Intelligent Design in science classes as has been happening elsewhere. If you have faith then that should be enough, please don't try and pretend that it's science.

One final link, this story about a trading standards employee having trouble coming to terms with the concept of open source amused me, and reminds me that there are nice things in the world too, even if they are considered abnormal.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Something worth watching

I don't often do TV recommendations, I think this is the second in over a year, but for those of you in Scotland can I point you in the direction of BBC1 at 10:35pm. Multiple, part of the 24/7 documentary series, is about actor and director Alison Peebles revealing to the world, and in many ways herself, that she has multiple sclerosis.

I admit that I'm not an impartial reviewer here as I know Alison and others involved in making the film and I have worked on animations for them. But putting aside the fact I like the people it's a great documentary about disability, denial, ‘coming out’ and footwear, with no self pity and a healthy amount of humour. I'd want to watch it even if IPublish didn't know them.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


My penguin has a chick!

I am so excited! As I mentioned last month a lovely person adopted a penguin for me for Christmas. The penguin is called Kilgore Trout and now has the gorgeous chick you see on the right there (you can click it for a bigger version). The chick is over a month old, and is now venturing out of the nest on its own.

Many thanks to Mike Bingham for sending the photo (and giving permission to share it), and please go and visit his penguin site and consider adopting one yourself.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Work Your Proper Hours

I've made a new game; hooray!

9 to 5 asks you to help an adorable Pup to work his proper hours and if you manage it he gets to go out and have some FUN! Unfortunately if you send him home early he risks being reprimanded by his boss and leave him at work to long and he misses out on all the good stuff.

I should point out that the "I made a new game" is slight exaggeration on my part, I was helped as ever with codey stuff by Mr Tech, and the sound is provided by DogHorse who is becoming an excellent puppy impressionist.

Go and have a wee play, help Pup do the hula and make sure you work your proper hours too!


Monday, February 13, 2006


A strange definition of voluntary

In their manifesto last year the Labour Party proposed a voluntary ID cards scheme. They then tried to introduce a compulsory scheme and when the government risked defeat they offered a compromise. Charles Clarke said he had "listened to the concerns that people have expressed" and they returned to their pre-election pledge of a voluntary card, with new legislation required to make them compulsory.

Today they made them compulsory for anyone wanting to get a passport. Fantastic. I have to give up my right to travel abroad in order to avoid having an ID card. Grrrrrrrrr.

Update: Oh good grief.

Another update: A very well written and informative piece from a UK policeman/woman.

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Friday, February 10, 2006


Love Pants

I'm not a fan of Valentine's day. The idea that you only need to demonstrate your love one day a year is quite, quite ridiculous; the idea that you show love by buying things is even more preposterous. That said, love is definitely a good thing so I offer the Love Pants Messenger so you can send nice messages to your nearest and dearest. Mr DogHorse provides some smashing sounds to accompany the cute cat, his ding dong is particularly splendid.

Enjoy. And remember, love is for life, not just for valentine's.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Catching up with myself

2006 has been a very busy year so far; much busier than I'd like to be honest. I need playtime to function properly, but I think I've finally got on top of everything. Work projects are under control, play projects have started again. This is a good thing.

First up I've got a few improvements to my site online. Not a major overhaul but some long awaited functional improvements. The Flash animations are now in a searchable database, there are RSS feeds to some of my image pages and I made a new range of banners for folk wanting to link to the site. Next up I have a silly idea for a warped poetry recital that I hope to get online soon.

Before I go, one more thing. I have just spent half an hour listening to Mondays Front Row on Radio 4 (still online as I type). There's an interview with Kurt Vonnegut, writer, artist, satirist, humanist and socialist. His books are wonderful and never fail to make me laugh and make me think. Listen to the interview if you still can. Read his books if you haven't already. I am sitting here in the wee hours grinning to myself having listened to the interview and drifted off into related reverie.

And if this isn't nice, I don't what is.


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