Monday, February 13, 2006


A strange definition of voluntary

In their manifesto last year the Labour Party proposed a voluntary ID cards scheme. They then tried to introduce a compulsory scheme and when the government risked defeat they offered a compromise. Charles Clarke said he had "listened to the concerns that people have expressed" and they returned to their pre-election pledge of a voluntary card, with new legislation required to make them compulsory.

Today they made them compulsory for anyone wanting to get a passport. Fantastic. I have to give up my right to travel abroad in order to avoid having an ID card. Grrrrrrrrr.

Update: Oh good grief.

Another update: A very well written and informative piece from a UK policeman/woman.

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Just found this via lurking at Miss Prism's.

Get in there and renew your passport *now*, however long it still has left to run - I've just done it and while the £45 was a tad galling, it was worth it for the knowledge that I can avoid being stamped, pushed, filed, numbered etc at least by that route for the next 10(ish) years. You don't need to give a reason for wanting to renew (yet). From this October new passports will carry empty chips for biometrics, to be filled at a later date, so getcher skates on if you want one without.
Hello. I've been meaning to find out if I can do that or if I had to wait for it to run out. Ta. At least it allows a few years for everyone to realise what a disaster they are and get them chucked out.
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