Friday, July 29, 2005


A sad day for tangerines

Kilroy quits as leader of Veritas

This seems like an appropriate moment to point people at our tribute to Kilroy Silk (Mr Tangerine Man) and the fine Veritas Party that he's abandoned so quickly.

So, how long before he's back on telly?

Edit: On reflection I am rather impressed with how prophetic DogHorse's lyrics are in the Veritas anthem.
Kilroy's party's soon to be
Just another line on his CV
With UKIP and the BBC
A paean to Kilroy's vanity

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Things that have made me laugh today

These cartoons are wonderful. I particularly liked this one (I'm freqently moaning about getting songs stuck in my head, I fear it's an occupational hazard of making musical animations). I've just trawled through the archives and it would seem I now need to wait until Thursday for a new one. Damn.

Also, good grief, what a splendid album cover.


Monday, July 18, 2005


It feels wrong

For the first time in over a year my web site is down and it's disturbing me greatly. A hardware fault took out my server, and lovely people are moving the site to a new machine and it should be back in an hour or so, but it feels very wrong for it to be unavailable. I fear I have bonded in some unhealthy way to a web site.

Oh my.

Update: And we're back. Yay! *does the happy dance*

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Sunday, July 17, 2005



That is all.


Friday, July 08, 2005


The Penguin Song

A couple of things today, the first one is my new animation, Penguin Song (740kb flash), lovely penguins in various guises, dancing along to a tune by DogHorse. I've discovered penguin therapy, which I suspect is a form of therapy that only works for me, but making this last night made me grin after a rather grim day. So no politics, no opinion, just penguins.

The second thing is a follow up from an earlier post. The ID cards animation has been doing the rounds, getting a shed load of traffic and lots of nice feedback. Thanks to all everyone who has been in touch, sent it around and linked to it, including The Times. I always like it when my animations get out there but it's particularly gratifying when it's something I feel strongly about. And yes, I do still feel strongly about it even after the attacks on London, even Charles Clarke admits that ID cards wouldn't have prevented them, although his suggestion that civil liberties might have to be curtailed does disturb me. I thought they weren't going to give in to terrorists?

Finally, a lovely new site from Mystery Bob over at Make Me A Robot. Go on... make him a robot!

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