Friday, July 08, 2005


The Penguin Song

A couple of things today, the first one is my new animation, Penguin Song (740kb flash), lovely penguins in various guises, dancing along to a tune by DogHorse. I've discovered penguin therapy, which I suspect is a form of therapy that only works for me, but making this last night made me grin after a rather grim day. So no politics, no opinion, just penguins.

The second thing is a follow up from an earlier post. The ID cards animation has been doing the rounds, getting a shed load of traffic and lots of nice feedback. Thanks to all everyone who has been in touch, sent it around and linked to it, including The Times. I always like it when my animations get out there but it's particularly gratifying when it's something I feel strongly about. And yes, I do still feel strongly about it even after the attacks on London, even Charles Clarke admits that ID cards wouldn't have prevented them, although his suggestion that civil liberties might have to be curtailed does disturb me. I thought they weren't going to give in to terrorists?

Finally, a lovely new site from Mystery Bob over at Make Me A Robot. Go on... make him a robot!

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I enjoyed watching yr animations,
id cards, jesus juice, camilla and the penguins,
they really made me smile.
The opening sequence of the camilla song is particularly splendid.
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