Monday, May 12, 2008


Come Fly With Me

One of the many things I'm enjoying following our move to the country is the local squirrels visiting the garden. I like squirrels and they're providing me with fine photo opportunities, even if they do seem to be stealing nuts and seeds from the birds.

A day after the first squirrel photo op I got an email asking if I'd be interested in creating a Frank Sinatra squirrel and animating to Come Fly With Me. It was a sign! Squirrels are our future! Anyhow, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Sinatra Squirrel - Come Fly With Me!

The llamas, penguins and giraffe are not, I'm afraid to say, currently part of the local wildlife although they are all Scottish. 100% fact.


Saturday, May 03, 2008


New mayor of London and other stuff

Now it's nothing to do with me but bumbling comedy MP for mayor? Are you sure? Crikey!

Anyhow, on to other things in the form of a quick bookmark spring clean.

The Great Architect, excellent topical satirical images.

A particularly nice doodle from a beautiful revolution.

Some amusing remixes of those awful anti-photographer terrorism posters.

A wonderful machine, jam packed full of silly.

I won a caption competition! A bit of a fraud really, as someone pointed me at it and said "you know what this needs..." but the fish was all mine. A good blog anyhow, and an excellent project.

And a sad farewell to Humph. A very fine musician and fabulously silly man. He will be missed.

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