Sunday, February 08, 2009


Playing in the public domain

I've been having a delve up at I like making odd little loops from film clips (with a few additions of course) and they have a number public domain films to explore. Someone pointed me at Freaks which has been a suitably rich source of interesting moments.

I totally messed up the placement of the eyes in the top piece, but decided I rather liked their ominous floating so I've kept them.

As you can see from the sidebar I've been toying with Twitter recently too. I'm not a reliable blogger. Every now and then I get the urge but I'm fairly busy, will tend to choose pictures over words, and my recent blogging performance has been poor to say the least so... maybe something that only lets you write 140 characters will be better suited. If nothing else it's a way to get something changing here. Anyhow, if you're a twitter type you can follow* me here.

A quick couple of links before I head back to film mangling...
ID cards are here but no-one in the UK can read them. Oh, good grief.
390,000 to access child database . Well, I suppose all their data is already out there after the government lost all the child benefit details, so maybe I'm being alarmist thinking this is a disaster waiting to happen.
Government plans travel database . This Government has got to go. I don't like the alternatives, but really...

* Something rather stalkerish about it really, isn't there? Hmm.

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