Monday, September 29, 2008


101 Uses for a Rubik's Cube

I was asked to make something fun about Rubik's Cubes. When the cube came out first time round I battled with it and got so close, but don't remember ever completing it. These days there's loads of information about how to solve it, but I can't be bothered... I prefer to find more interesting things to do with them.

Music by the ever splendid DogHorse at the Audio Mangle.

And yes, the title is a big fat lie. We only got to 53 uses but we'd started using the 101 title and it stuck.


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Won't somebody please think of the lazy green people?!

The credit crunch has hit my nappy pixie and it's gone bust. It is a sad day.

I don't like disposable nappies* and have been quite happy to only use them minimally for the techling.

I also don't like doing the washing. Laundry is the worse of domestic chores for me. It's dull, dull, dull and, if dirty nappies are involved, a little too stinky.

I found a solution. We used cloth nappies and once a week the nappy pixie** arrived, took away the stinky nappies and left clean ones. It's been great.

And now they've gone.***


House eclectech is currently taking bets**** on whether my principles can hold their own against the stinky nappies.

*Well, they're marvelous things in their own way, but when you get through so many of them I prefer to reuse.
** might not be an actual pixie
*** my own selfish moaning aside, I'm rather upset for the folk working there too. The people I've dealt with there have been splendidly friendly throughout. Boo.
**** not really, I think I'd need some kind of license for that


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