Thursday, September 25, 2008


Won't somebody please think of the lazy green people?!

The credit crunch has hit my nappy pixie and it's gone bust. It is a sad day.

I don't like disposable nappies* and have been quite happy to only use them minimally for the techling.

I also don't like doing the washing. Laundry is the worse of domestic chores for me. It's dull, dull, dull and, if dirty nappies are involved, a little too stinky.

I found a solution. We used cloth nappies and once a week the nappy pixie** arrived, took away the stinky nappies and left clean ones. It's been great.

And now they've gone.***


House eclectech is currently taking bets**** on whether my principles can hold their own against the stinky nappies.

*Well, they're marvelous things in their own way, but when you get through so many of them I prefer to reuse.
** might not be an actual pixie
*** my own selfish moaning aside, I'm rather upset for the folk working there too. The people I've dealt with there have been splendidly friendly throughout. Boo.
**** not really, I think I'd need some kind of license for that


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