Monday, January 09, 2006


Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things*

I had an email the other day from someone who'd been mooching around my site and wanted to know how I had become interested in penguins. After a quiet giggle to myself about how my life had turned into one where strangers contact me with such questions I realised I wasn't sure about the answer.

Then it came to me.

Opus the penguin. First penguin love and star of Bloom County (still my favourite comic strip, just easing ahead of Calvin and Hobbes by a penguin nose). That's him on the left in the photo and you can find out more about him at the Berke Breathed website. You really should. As well as the cutest bow tie wearing penguin you can imagine, the comic strips are both smart and funny.

But it's not all cartoon penguins. You only need to see a penguin in person** to see that they are wonderful creatures; comedic waddling on land, graceful in the water, pre-dressed in evening wear and, well, just lovely. The other penguin featured in my photo is Kilgore Trout, a representation of a penguin adopted for me for Christmas. Hooray!

And look! At the International Penguin Conservation Work Group web site you can adopt a penguin too. It's full of information and the man knows his penguins.

Crikey, this was meant to be a couple of quick penguin links to fill the gap whilst I'm busy getting some work animations finished off, and I've been pootling around penguin sites for an age. It seems there's nothing like a bit of penguin distraction.

* The title of a Bloom County book and, I realise, surprisingly relevant to my post. Splendid.
**Forgive me, I do tend to anthropomorphise.

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