Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Celebrity Egos

I'm sure you're meant to use blogs to have a good old moan about everything, so I'll start with celebrity egos and the way they'll jump on an emotional bandwagon for their own self interest. This recent story is a good example, in particular "Former Boyzone singer Ronan Keating may also take part if a studio can be found close to where he is holidaying in Switzerland". The sacrifices these people make eh? It appears the idea that they could quietly donate to a suitable charity didn't cross their minds.

Anyhow, DogHorse and I got an a tizz about it, and expressed our annoyance through the medium of Flash.

Mike Read: Soulful Superhero (985kb Flash animation, needs sound).

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nah mate, don't use the blog to get all moany about stuff, use it for silly. like you say, the world needs more silly!
Right, check this out too http://www.babesinhollywood.com
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