Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Christian Voice costs cancer charity £3,000

I am fuming about the rejection of a donation to Maggie's Centres following the threat of a protest by Christian Voice (BBC article).

If Christian Voice can effect who they will accept money from, could they also effect how they are willing to spend the money or who they are willing to help? Their recent actions suggest they could and that alone is enough to discourage me from donating to them - there are plenty of other charities out there.

I'm intrigued at the relationship between this and the planned amendment to the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill that would make it a criminal offence to cause "economic damage" through campaigns of intimidation. The amendments are targeted at animal rights activists, but when you look at the reasons given for the amendments I can see this kind of behaviour falling into the same category (BBC article).

Sigh. Preventing money being given to charity, to help people in need, is NOT Christian behavour.

*deep breaths - distract self from idiocy with silliness*

*wonders if Maggie's Centre would reject money made by prairie dog in saucy pants?*

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