Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Pup Where We Belong

Mr DogHorse and I have a new animation out over at the WorkSmart site. Pup Where We Belong (500KB Flash) is a cheesy film trailer stuffed with a shameful number of dog puns and a distressingly cute distressed pup. All that, and a point too.

I've been terribly busy so just a quick review of recent ID card stuff. First up we had the national technology officer for Microsoft saying that placing biometrics on a central database (as the proposed UK system does) could perpetuate the "very problem the system was intended to prevent". Astounding that this statement comes from a technology giant given the amounts of money to be made by the tech companies and consultants (£20.6 million has already been spent, and that's before it's through parliament). Still, not enough to make the critical difference in the 3rd reading where it passed albeit with a reduced majority and some quite splendid speeches that almost restored my faith in politicians. Almost.
The Scotsman - ID cards will lead to 'massive fraud'
silicon.com - ID card spending reaches £20.6m
BBC - Labour survives ID card rebellion

Finally, something lovely. Stellarium. The night skies in clicky zoomable goodness.

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