Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Robop therapy

I've been sticking santa hats and baubles on lots of fluffy creatures recently; a combination of designing my christmas cards, working on a christmas animation with DogHorse and Beau Bo D'or and work projects which seem to wholly involve festive visuals. As a result I am temporarily festived-out so I drew a robot in fancy shoes bopping along to the music in its head instead. I quite like her although I fear the Eric and Ernie on her screen is an unwitting festive reference. There's a robot wallpaper as well.

I've been scribbling with pen and paper recently too, although I appear to be unable to just leave things be and end up scanning and playing with them. It's nice to drift between formats every now and then though, and I quite like how this one turned out, for all my lack of accomplishment with non-digital formats.

Although looking at it again, it needs more baubles.

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