Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Gullible news

Apparently You're Gullible was just on Channel 4 News. It's hard to imagine quite what makes it news, but I assume it's something to do with Mr Blunt's nomination for a few Brit Awards. Anyhow, it has sparked something of a frenzy on my website which is no bad thing, bandwidth munching aside.

Now I must stop getting distracted by telly things* and get my head down and do some animating, I have a deadline and it's close. Have a jolly picture in my absence.

*Cheers to all who contacted me to let me know though!

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Hurrah! Bad news about having to pull the song though. I loved that.

Ta, and aye, it's a shame. Such a lot of hassle over something so silly. It's not often I feel that we'd be better with American laws but their parody protection is to be admired.
it just show the song was true as if not they would nothing done about
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