Monday, January 16, 2006


The joy of being gullible

So, the You're Gullible silliness; short(ish) version.

Mr DogHorse recorded a spoof of You're Beautiful. It made me giggle so I made a spoof of the video to go with it and added some tomato splattering. People came. They watched. They listened. They splattered.

People who liked James Blunt said "That's quite funny although they're wrong" (the majority from what I've seen) or went into a huff (the minority by far). Over a month ago James Blunt played it and threw a few tomatoes at himself, or so it says on his web site. His fans appreciated the fact that he took it on the chin. All fine so far.

People who don't like James Blunt or had heard that song more than should be possible in one lifetime were a little ruder; but I don't think we caused that, we just provided some therapy.

Anyhow, it gets a fair amount of traffic each day then after Mr Blunt's Brit nominations it becomes news (!) and appears on Channel 4 (nothing to do with us, we only found out afterwards in a flurry of emails). Two days later DogHorse, myself and other people involved in hosting our sites (UK based) get legal threats and told to remove the song. We do, because it's just a bit of fun and silliness shouldn't cause hassle. I think it's a ridiculous overreaction to a non-commercial parody, but we're not in the US with their nice legal protection of parody and in the short term we need to find out what the situation is in the UK.

There was an article about it in The Independent today, and I've been told it was on the music news on BBC6. Based on the number of emails I've had today it's appeared elsewhere as well. If you know where, please let me know. Ta.

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I saw it in The Daily Record. Are you getting tickets for when he plays in Stirling? ;)
Hi...I saw it mentioned on the lunch time TV news here in Italy the other day!!
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