Wednesday, January 11, 2006



So, Blair's warped idea of respect involves reversing the principle that people are innocent until proven guilty. Well that's just dandy (BBC news report). I have an idea* to complement this form of 'respect'. If we need such "summary powers" used against us, let's retaliate in kind.

How about introducing a law so that if any political party or MP accepts money from any company or individual that could have influenced a political decision they have to prove that they weren't influenced, or give it up? If they can't prove it the money gets distributed to a charitable organisation, possibly one setup purely to point out** to idiot politicians that they can't just throw away our fundamental rights on the promise that it will keep the neighbours quiet.

On a slightly lighter note, when I first read the BBC headline from the above article I assumed it was something to do with George Galloway in Celebrity Big Brother. Heh. Anyhow,before I get started on another rant regarding quite how wrong it is to use the Big Brother concept as entertainment I shall add some soothing birds and head away.

*Actually, the idea was from Mr Tech, but I've decided it's mine until someone can prove otherwise.
**Preferably with a big pointy stick.

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