Friday, March 03, 2006


Penguin Joy

30 seconds of penguin joy to be precise. 750KB Flash video of some lovely penguins at Edinburgh zoo yesterday. Enjoy.

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I am lookinf at an award for good service from my blog "The BARNZEUM AWARD" any chance you can knock me up a little gif?
Good morning!
I saw your website for the first time this morning and love it. I am a 71 year-old retiree in USA who for five years has used a cartoon gif I found online to communicate with my adult children and their children who live far away. He has become almost human to our family and I have longed to have the capability of animation so that he can play a guitar or drums. But I have neither. Can you help? I have no money and understand that I am asking for a favor. Please respond at your ocnvenience. Thank you and have a nice day.

whoah, whoOOOooaah your stuff is so coool. i will soon be moving to UK too continue my art and teach. I have degree in electronic art and master in art education. I do mostly flash and video , but your stuff blows me away, so much life and humor. keep on flashing you have the stuff, woooot
Hello all, and cheers.

Barnze: If you let me know what you're looking for I might be able to put something together.

RiverD: I do a lot of musical gifs so that sounds possible. If you post a link to the gif here or drop me an email with it in I'll have a look.
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