Saturday, April 22, 2006


Campaign Against Childish Labour

I hate negative political campaigning. There are no excuses for it. Really. It's unacceptable.

What does it say about your party if you're not able to drum up 30 seconds of content explaining why people should vote for you?

The new campaign from Labour has annoyed me. Just a little.
Dave the Chameleon

Update: I will stop with this as it's annoying me too much, but I've added one more quick adaption from me before I move on to something more productive.

To complete the set I should also point you at Beau Bo D'Or's superb take on the campaign.
Tony the Chameleon.

You should also check this one out. A different topic, but it made me laugh out loud when it popped up on my screen.

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I came to the very same conclusion about politics and politicians in general when they began televising the commons. It reminded me of nothing more than a bunch of smarmy little schoolboys trying to get one over on each other with silly name calling and 'your mum' jokes!
Hah, yes! I don't watch it very often but it's appalling. The forced laughter that seems to be required when someone on your side of the playground makes a 'joke' frequently makes me wince.
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