Thursday, April 13, 2006


Moaning blogger, happy robot

Forgive me, but I am here for a moan. I got caught by a chugger and I realised why I have such a problem with them.

I'm polite.

If someone talks to me in the street I respond politely. This is NOT a good tactic if you're disinclined to give strangers in the street your bank details. Politeness is seen as a weakness to be exploited.

They cost me around 15 minutes today, first off in explaining why I wasn't going to sign up a Direct Debit and then in taking a long route back to avoid being harrassed again. If I blanked them or was rather more blunt in my response I could have been through in a moment. In the past I've even been chased by an organisation to which I regularly contribute; they were very close to having my membership cancelled.

So please, if you must use street fundraisers at least understand that polite doesn't mean gullible or weak willed and once someone has said no they should be left alone.

Sometimes politeness is someone trying really really hard to avoid shouting rude words at strangers.

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Him: Save the dolphins! You can become a dad! Of a dolphin.
Me: Wait, dad of a dolphin? Are you one of these dophin-sex weirdos from the internet? That’s disgusting!
Him: ...! (fucks off)
Hahaha! That's a corker.
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