Thursday, April 20, 2006


Run away! Run away! It's the internet...

... and it's coming for YOU!


I've made a new animation. It stars a sheep in an unfeasibly large bow tie, some dancing computers and criminal penguins. Soundtrack by DogHorse and Miss Prism.

Daily Mail Picnic.

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Genius from all concerned.

You gorgeous people.
Great song very catchy
*# Murderers and Pedeophiles #*

One thing I would like to know is why is it called the Daily Mail Picnic?
Thanks both!

The picnic part is due to using the tune best known as the Teddy Bears' Picnic (although I believe the tune was originally an instrumental). The Daily Mail is due to it being a prime example of scaremongering press.

Also, that's what Miss Prism called it when she wrote the lyrics :)
Very nicely done, made me chuckle, reminds me a bit of the old tinfoil hat one you did!
Thanks for the explanation!
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