Friday, May 05, 2006


Farewell Charles Clarke

Hello John Reid.

Don't let the power go to your head too. Behave please.

I wonder if I should do an updated version of my tribute to Charles Clarke?

Maybe I'll give Mr Reid a week or two first and see how it goes.

Cabinet reshuffle aside I am incredibly impressed at this display of democracy in action.

And from a deluge of messages sent through our Pants Messengers I discover that today is No Pants Day. Blimey.

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And good riddance to the arsehat, eh?
If anything I think Reid will be worse, remember this is the man who said that we shouldn't condemn trained proffesional soldiers for kicking several shades of shit out of Iraqi youths who they had just taken prisoner. Don't remember that being allowed in the Geneva Convention.
Good riddance indeed.
And no, I'm not holding out great hopes for Reid either. Gah.
One liar and cheat of the state after another! Lets just get rid of the bloody government!
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