Sunday, May 21, 2006


I escaped for a while

I have been up in the Highlands experiencing peace, tranquility and the lesser known highland caterpillar, also available in glorious desktop adorning size.

Normal service will be resumed once I've caught up with everything, currently anticipated to be early June. Hopefully.

In the meantime you can always have a wee browse through a few photos from the trip.

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Love the pictures! Really shows Soctland for what it is. I just get the idea it rains all of the time!

Can you capture that highland caterpillar so I can feed it and treat it nice!

Hope you had fun!
The Heilan' caterpillar's bristles
act tae shield him from the weather
as he chomps on purple heather
interpersed wi' crunchy thistles.

And, tae shield him from assault,
the caterpillar's heid's adorned
wi' jaggy horns, so ye've been warned
no' tae steal his his single malt.

They're the plague o' oor distillers,
Lay their eggs on tartan cloth:
Larval forms of scotch broth moth,
or Hielan' caterpillars.
Would love to see you vid this song :D
Mr Gimp: I admit it does rain sometimes, but I don't get my camera out then! I had a fab time thank you, and I wish I had brought a Highland Caterpillar home with me.

Miss P: Hooray! That is delightful!

JG: Haha, that's rather fine. Very nicely done, I love the original song too.
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