Thursday, May 11, 2006


Somewhere there is a note

It could be on a scrap of paper.

It could be on my computer.

It could be in my Palm.

It contains a burst of inspiration, a moment of clarity. I was going to write about it.

It was going to be fascinating.

But I've lost it.

Instead, I shall mention how much I like coincidence. I love how things can feel meaningful, whilst having no real meaning. Like this....

On a trip to Australia we spent a day at the Northern Territory wildlife park.* Whilst there we saw some fantastic animals and, as you'd expect, a fair number of other visitors including a couple with three rather noisy and boisterous boys in tow. The next day we started the very long drive down the Stuart Highway to Alice Springs and Uluru before flying to Queensland and spending some time in the Daintree Rainforest. We then made our way down the Queensland coast until one day we get a bit lost and end up by the shore at the dead end of a suburban street. We stop, mainly to get our bearings and check the map and another car rolls up.

It was the couple with the 3 kids.

We had travelled about 5000km** in the 3 weeks since we had seen them. We were in a housing estate, beyond some farmland, by mistake. We had a good old chinwag about what we were doing there, and what we'd been doing, and what we were planning on doing. They had also ended up on that street by mistake. It was great.

I love things like that.

* This was a few years ago and there was an ace TV ad for the place, the memory of which still makes me grin. An amazingly chirpy and exuberant Australian saying "You'll never ever know if you never, ever go!". We had to go.

** I have plucked this number out of thin air and a vague memory. I will check it at some point.


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