Thursday, June 22, 2006


Baked Beats

If you're in London this Saturday I recommend heading along to the midsummer bakedbeats - music we like event, "a veritable feast of music with fantastic live bands, DJs and laptop artists, visuals, food, booze and lovely people".

I can vouch for the loveliness of the people running it and have been listening to music from the contributing bands and DJs the last couple of days. It's quite splendid.

I can't make it myself due to being 400 odd miles away but I have sent a few minutes of animation in my place which will accompany some of the music.

Go, listen, watch, enjoy.

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Yo. I've been asked to some visual stuff for the next Baked Beats event and was wondering what sort of stuff you gave to Bella & co.

Alas I didn't make it to the June one and I'm too blind to spot a contact email on your page - hence my comment :)

oh, and if you care to reply -my email is dave*at*

cheers! Dave
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