Friday, June 09, 2006


A moment of confusion

I've never really been one to follow fashion. I pootle along doing my own thing and every now and then what I'm doing, or wearing, or watching or listening to becomes popular and I temporarily become 'fashionable'.

I don't see this as a problem. I don't mind being unfashionable. I don't mind being fashionable. Both can be fun, and if we were all the same life would be terribly dull.

I am currently lost.

I am noticing myself being increasingly confused by conversations where everyone seems to know what's being referred to except for me. I wondered if senility was making an unreasonably early appearance until I realised....

I don't follow football.
I don't watch Big Brother.

So please excuse my general puzzled responses for the next few weeks, and if you need me I'll be over there, making animals dance. Bear with me.


I am certainly less hip than you, as nobody has even attempted to talk about football or Big Brother in my presence - they just assume I'm out of the loop.

Perhaps we're on a higher level?

Or perhaps we're saaad, as I believe the modern parlance would have it. ;-)
Hehe, most people I know well understand my unhipness. The confusion is mainly when I stumble in on existing conversations and wonder if I've been asleep far longer than I thought. It seems to be particularly common online.

Maybe we're on a the same level but slightly to the side, or a tad wonky :)
Wonky, definitely wonky. ;-)
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