Thursday, June 08, 2006


Nothing to see here

Something was here but now it's gone.

Sorry about that.

Options are being considered, advice is being sought.

Whilst I contemplate these things, and consider my cork and the difficulties it encounters, I can still point you to Mr DogHorse, who has been extraordinarily prolific recently. He's recorded Captain Birdseye and Cameron Creep.

Both are superb, go and have a listen.

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I really love the Flash
Remarkable! About the only pleasure left in going to the dead tree edition of teh Grauniad these days is the 'Bad Science' column, which takes great delight in dissing the Dr most weeks. I think though that for all their column inches of rigourously reasoned scientific argument, they don't come nearly as close to the truth of the matter as your 5 minutes of flash. hurrah! Now I'm off to eat a table full of chips, coke and lard.... John
Thank you both!
It's childish but sometimes you have to go with the dancing poo to make a point :)
The Guardian crossword is the other reason. O, how I love Araucaria.

You can't get cryptic crosswords over'ere. Cromagnon's mum posts me a bundle every few months.
One of my old friends is a cryptic crossword addict. He spent a year in Australia and managed to keep up to date on Guardian crosswords in a similar fashion!

We worked together for a while and he would spend our breaks throwing bizarre statements at me followed by an expectant look. Heh.
If ever there was a woman who needed bringing down a peg or two...

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