Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Paper creatures bounce and bop

It's The Hump, my new animation for a top tune by Mr and Mrs Swing.

Slightly different to my usual stuff, I tried to give some form to the images floating round my head when I listened to the track.

I think I was slightly alarmed by the lack of words to start with, but I made the characters from paper so they came with their own words.

So that's all right.

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Fantastic! Very different, but fantastic. :-)
CRAAZZY! I love it but how weird is it? Slightly war of the worlds kinda theme! WOW, Messes with your mind!
Thank you both.

I did 'go off on one' slightly with it, but I blame the music :)
Found you (and this animation) through the b3ta board, where I lurk unregisteredly.

Why is no one awarding you large cash prizes for this magical piece of animated wizardry? It's an outrage. :)

It'd be very at home in the company of those short animated films you see in The Animation Show 2005 and suchlike. Very surreal, cool stuff! Great tune, too. Thanks for exposing me to it.

A friend of mine told me that her baby couldn't take her eyes off it. Neither can I, actually.
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