Friday, June 02, 2006


Things that needle me needlessly

1. I got an email from Amnesty about their new campaign, I like Amnesty and I don't mind them emailing me but they should be emailing me from their own domain, not from (registered to leighton management limited, about whom I can find very little). If they email me a link they should include the proper URL, not a tracked link through If they insist on doing that they shouldn't try to hide it behind html, that's what phishing scams do and Amnesty should be better than that. Bah.

2. Whenever I upgrade Firefox* it reinstates all the default engines onto my toolbar and I don't want them. Now, I love Firefox, I just want an 'Edit engines' option below 'Add engines' because I'm lazy, picky and always forget where to go to delete them.

3. People using their blogs to whinge pointlessly about.... oh.... quite....

Right, some good things then.

1. I got my new passport today. No RFID. No entry into the catastrophe-waiting-to-happen National Database. A saving of £40 or so compared to waiting until it ran out and they didn't even penalise me for renewing nearly a year early, so the new one lasts until 2017. And it actually arrived, unlike over half a million others over the last couple of years. Splendid.

2. Something that has been a worry is getting better**.

3. I am going to spend a couple of days playing with pictures for the first time in around 3 weeks. This will be combined with drinking Pimms in the sunshine. Hooray!

* Ha. I've just updated to v1.5.0.4 and it didn't do it. I should definitely stop moaning.
**This is a much bigger thing than that sentence indicates.

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Hello from a blogger down under in New Zealand. I was searching through the blog world when your blog popped up, so I thought I would have a look. Hehehe.......!!! It is a really great blog. I have mentioned it as "something borrowed" on my blog Kelvin A Memory Always
Hello! Thank you kindly, glad you like it.
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