Monday, June 12, 2006


Torture Awareness Month

Yesterday I had my head in my hands over the US response to the suicides at Guantanamo Bay and elendil at Bloggers Against Torture alerted me to Torture Awareness Month.

I've just had an email from a friend that has emphasised the importance of this. A few months ago DogHorse and I made an animation about the current UK policy of deporting people to countries where they know there is danger; my friend informs me that her Iraqi Kurdish pal is being returned tomorrow.

We need to stop our government deporting people to countries abusing human rights. We need to make sure that we are not abusing human rights, and that our associates aren't either. The disgrace of Guantanamo Bay can't be dismissed as an anomaly.

As my friend writes, "it is a sad time".

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I really like your animations. It is a sad time, but you've developed a powerful talent. Email me directly if you decide to put something together for Torture Awareness Month. The blogroll is growing at a silly rate, and I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to put it on the central blog.

I will email if we come up with anything for the month. Time is against us slightly I'm afraid, which is a shame.
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