Wednesday, July 26, 2006


A benefit of odd sleep patterns...

... is that sometimes you get to see the most gorgeous sunrises.

Another photo of orange gorgeousness.

In amusing news the MPAA might have tried to scare the wrong person into coughing up a couple of thousand dollars for an alleged download of a film. Most people can't afford to go against organisations like the MPAA and RIAA; but they haven't accused a millionnaire of downloading a film he already owned on DVD before. This could well be one to watch.

In confusing news a photo caption on the front page of a recent copy of Computing really surprised me.
"Suffolk believes thick PCs raise security issues for government"
Blimey! I thought. Not only calling the police a threat to national security, but calling them thick too! To be honest Computing suddenly reached new levels of interest for me until I realised I'd read it wrong.

Different meaning of PC. Different meaning of thick. Bah!

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That is indeed a gorgeous sunrise. However, I am going back to bed now so shall miss this morning's.
Ah, I'm sure it was a very dull one that you missed. I would hate to think I missed that orangey loveliness everyday (and I rarely see the sunrise) so I've decided that the ones I miss are probably dull.
Where I live I get brilliant sunsets and sunrises - the trouble is living between them! But life is never dull!

Boring perhaps, but never dull - too much to see and enjoy!
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