Friday, July 14, 2006


An impressive excuse from the Government

Greenpeace are protesting the use of illegal timber in the refurbishment of Admiralty Arch. The Government has told Greenpeace that the timber being used in Admiralty Arch is legal and it has the paperwork to prove it. Unfortunately they can't provide it to Greenpeace because their fax machine is broken. Heh.

Good vertigo inducing photo from the activists on their moblog.

In other news I really must finish my ORG related animation soon. Along with the BPI trying to get UK ISPs to cut-off their customers without going through the courts ABC are trying to stop you being able to fast forward through adverts. Really. These organisations are getting far too big for their own boots, we must do something about it.

I suspect it needs more than an animation but you've got to play to your strengths.

Edit: Does anyone else find that as soon as they've hit the Publish button they notice a typo, missing word or other mistake in their post? I swear it happens to me every time. I don't seem to do it on my web site, just on my blog. Why am I so careless here?
*corrects yet another typo*

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That thing about disabling the 'fast forward' button makes me absolutely irate. Especially as they don't even bother to subtitle the vast majority of their ads - are they trying to bore me to tears?

I would refuse to buy DVDs if they disabled the 'fast forward'. And that's a promise.

Anyway... I know what you mean about noticing typos and things immediately after posting. I've been doing that a lot lately. I came here straight after rewriting something in my own blog post...
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