Friday, August 11, 2006


Chained to my desk

I am ridiculously busy at the moment but my bookmarks are overflowing so time for a little link dump.

I was touched by this thought provoking post at Stranger Than Fiction. Thanks to Dana Shalash for commenting on here, leading me to nose around her site.

Interesting article about how only traitors try to make us afraid of terrorists, particularly given the recent declaration from Reid that terror 'may force freedom curbs'.

And that was before the alleged terror plot of a couple of days ago.

A depressing addition to these pieces is this quote from Hermann Goering, at the time of the Nuremberg trials.
"People don’t want war [...] the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country."
Hmm. Anyhow, onto lighter things at YouTube.

I don't use YouTube for my personal stuff as I prefer to keep control over it on my own web site, am not entirely happy with the terms of use and remain generally unsure about it all. That said, one of my animations is up there at the moment; Chained to My PC. Originally created for the TUC's WorkSmart site this new version was adapted for the Communications Workers of America.

Hopefully it will continue to go down well, although I see I'm accused of 'poor taste' and vulgarity. Heh. I can't get excited about a dog peeing I'm afraid. I did fume when I was informed that there was a company down the road with call centre staff unable to go to the loo without putting their hands up and asking a supervisor, which I feel is more important. Fortunately it seems a few folk agree.

While I'm at YouTube I did find this amusing; Python's Camelot interlude, by Kirk and crew. A very nice ludicrously silly mashup. Hooray.

There's the 95 theses of geek activism post over at science addiction that's a fine read. Good points well made, and some interesting links.

I was both amused and irritated at the news that a website for Mums has had to request all users avoid discussing Gina Ford, allegedly a childcare guru, after she attempted to get their entire site taken offline for people slagging her off in the forums, although the powers-that-be were removing the offending posts. I don't know if she understands kids (although from what I've read over the last week I don't think I'd have a great deal of time for her) but she certainly doesn't seem to understand the net. A ridiculous overreaction to a site that was doing so much that she requested. Thanks to John for the tip.

And finally my random Pants Pirate Message of the day, because it tickled me.

/link dump

Edit: The observant will notice that this claims to have been posted on Friday, but appeared on Monday. That'll be the 'chained to my desk' problem interfering with my blether, although being more accurate I was chained to a model of an alternate world and my camera. More fun than a desk at least.

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Love Chained to My Desk (the blog and the video). I once worked in one of the better call centres but I would never work in another one. No matter how good!

Is that a tortoise or a turtle? I've forgotten how you tell the difference.

Followed the various links, interesting reading. Perhaps if Ms Ford read the Palestinian blog she might develop some better sense of perspective, somehow I doubt it!

All this reading has tired me out think I'll go to sleep now. :)
My apologies to Dana for not using her name. Shouldn't comment when I'm tired, tactless enough at the best of times!

I don't think I'd last long in a call centre, I'm not even very good at working regular hours so anything with such close control over my time and actions would be a disaster.

I'm not sure how to tell whether something is a tortoise or a turtle either, but that's definitely a tortoise. This giant tortoise to be specific. He was 100 odd years old and rather frisky :)
Great picture. Many of the others are incredible too. Did you take them?
Came across this link to a mad flash site
you may have seen it already.
It's a great concept and seems technically well done but lacking something. (Not that I'm an expert by any means) The only thing I can think of is that the Concept though brilliant is self -defeating, people prefer blogs with a personal element, at least I do anyway. Your site has your personality stamped all over it which forms part of its attraction, that one seems cold and remote in some way.
Still waiting for the naughty tortoise video!
Thanks. They're all my photos, the last few are the first with a new camera so I'm quite pleased with how it's doing.

Ooh, I haven't been to nobodyhere for ages. I really like the typing guy on the front page; I get a bit lost in the rest. All very accomplished though.

And I had forgotten about the saucy tortoise vid. I will endeavour to get it online over the weekend :)
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