Saturday, August 26, 2006


Medium Wave

Eclectech was 6 yesterday!* I decided I couldn't let it pass without getting something online so I finally got round to tweaking the second part of the animation I made for the June baked beats event.

Medium Wave. 1.5MB Flash.

As before it's a mash up of lots of my looping animations put to a very fine tune from the Voodoo Trombone Quartet.

For those in London there is another baked beats event tomorrow, with music from the fabulous Mr and Mrs Swing amongst others. There should be some silly moving pictures from me too.

* The web site that is, not me.

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Happy website birthday and many more to come!

Loved the Baked Beats animation and especially liked the picture looking into picture looking into picture (etc) concept - wonderful!

You are very talented. Don't work too hard.
Yay, tapirs! (Said the stranger.) And dinosaurs, and pink-trousered boogie dudes. I love seeing how all the animated images you've posted on b3ta come together in the longer animations-- it's like getting a little glimpse into your creative/working process. Fun! :)
Loved the Blog. It complements the website so well.
Cheers all for kind words. Free time coming up so hopefully there'll be some new stuff soon, plus time to ramble here :)
Hi,I like your blog.It's so fun.
I put link on my space.
6 Years!
Did you ever imagine it to last THAT long?

Happy Birthday Website & many happy years to come!

Your site is top-notch and your flash is the best on-line!

Good Luck for the future!
GimpFM -
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