Sunday, August 20, 2006


The tortoise of lurve

A couple of weeks back I promised a frisky tortoise so here he is. Rumour has it that later on he did actually manage to mount the lady tortoise the correct way round; he was 100 odd years old so I suppose he's not doing bad really.
Tortoise of Lurve

And whilst I'm here (and as I have another mad week ahead and am unlikely to get much online playtime) I recommend having a wee peek over at indexed, I particularly liked this one.

I'm restraining myself from ranting about this. I saw a couple from the plane being interviewed saying something along the lines of "Rightly or wrongly the atmosphere changed when they got on board".

I think you'll find that's wrongly. Yes. Definitely.

Och well. Enjoy the tortoise of lurve. I hope to reappear before the week ends with the next part of my Baked Beats animation but I might be being overly optimistic.

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Wonderful, I must be immature also, I loved it! Good choice of music and background noises as well. If I can still translate thought into action at 100 yrs old I'll be very happy, although I would hope to retain enough of my marbles to know which end is which. :)

Have bookmarked the Indexed site, brilliant and so many to choose from.

The whole world should rant at that plane incident! I'm still seething.

Don't work too hard, spare some time to keep us amused. :)
Hehe. He made fantastic grunting noises but I thought just using them as soundtrack might be verging on invading his privacy.

Still working like crazy but the site launches next Friday then FREEDOM! Rah!
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