Thursday, September 28, 2006


The Fartsichord and other fripperies

The Fartsichord is possibly the classiest thing I've been involved with. It's an online musical keyboard, you can choose between two instruments and play, record and save tunes. The instruments are farts and burps.

I am so proud.

On completion Mr Tech immediately played the National Anthem and I giggled far too much.

I am a child.

Some other fun things that have ended up in my bookmarks recently...

Liquid sculpture, beautiful high speed photography

Musical rollerblading (video)

Flame Warriors, a pertinent oldie revisited following the disintegration of one of my online haunts

Ridiculously cute cat. I wish the photographer published them under a creative commons licence allowing derivatives, as I would very much like to play with these photos. There are some ace ones.

Apple campaign site from Greenpeace. I was genuinely surprised by some of the information here. Apple have good PR obviously.

Passport offices map, ignoring all the stuff about having to go for interviews for passports and the Government grabbing all manner of personal information from you for no good reason, what on earth have they done to Scotland?! It does look like they've redrawn some rather critical bounderies and claimed a large amount of lowland Scotland. Shocking!

Finally, a new song from DogHorse. A quite scary and sinister recording using Rachel North's lyrics, have a listen to The Rules of the Game are Changed.

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I Followed all of these links, despite being on dial up - took ages but wonderful.Thank you.
The Fartischord is indeed a work of pure genius.
Ooh, that must have taken a while on dial-up. I was away last week and getting online through the mobile, so many things became unbearably slow. It's always a good reminder for me to keep as efficient as I can with things I make though. I'm glad you enjoyed them after that :)

And cheers, I do like to make some things demonstrating some intelligence but every now and then a fart gag wins out!
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