Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Fish, post offices, despotic powers and Russian hands

I wish I had some exciting story to connect the title, but I'm afraid it's 4 separate things.

1. Fish! Famous fish in fact, discussing the benefits of marine reserves in an animation we made for Greenpeace; it's Pulp Fishin!

2. Post offices!
I was interested to see that a 4 million name petition has been handed in to Downing Street in a call to save rural post offices. The vigilant amongst you will be aware I have been involved in a related campaign with the fine Norfolk blogger JonnyB; I am wondering if I should send a DVD with our campaign offering as musical and bunny orientated backup to the petition.

Save our post offices!

As an aside I am pleased to see the BBC article contains a favoured proverb, "fine words butter no parsnips". It's not used enough these days.

3. Despotic Powers. I mentioned this briefly in my last post but, well, it's a big one. Interesting video up at Crooks and Liars on the day habeus corpous died. People should be shouting in the streets about this, but they probably don't want to as they can be locked up without trial at the whim of their president.

4. Russian hands! A recent email exchange led to the team at Russian FHM sending me photos of their hands and faces to make into, well, photos of faces on hands. They sent me a copy of the piece to show me how they used the creatures. While I'm waiting for a translation any suggestions for what they're saying?
Needless to say you can find more Russian handpeople on my site.

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Most disappointed Channel 4 News didn't use the video as a background for their coverage.

They are going worryingly downmarket.
Who did the voices for the Greenpeace fish? The John Travolta fish sounds suspiciously British. Or maybe that's just me.
Jonny, I know. I know. We can only hope they're saving it for an in-depth rural Post Office Special Report.

Specs, both JT and SLJ in Pulp Fishin are 100% prime British DogHorse, so you're absolutely right. He did, of course, do the music too.
All good stuff as usual.

Couple of ideas to tempt you maybe

In the news today (Rocky)a snoring horse that could be heard long distance 24hrs a day got cured by vets. (Removed a large cyst in its nose).

Belle and Sebastion have brought out a new album of kiddies songs by various artists called Colours are Brighter. Their own track is called "Monkeys are breaking out of the Zoo" and it's hilarious, I could just imagine it with one of your videos.

keep up the good work but don't overdo it. :)
Ta! Aww, that poor snoring horse! Googling for it also led me to a story about putting nappies on horses in Blackpool which has amused.

Oooh, it sounds like there a lot of tracks ripe for animation on that album; kids stuff is great.

Unfortunately even with it being for charity I'm not convinced I wouldn't immediately get a take-down for using it. These days I'm trying to stick to stuff that has no usage issues... anything else becomes ridiculously complicated or expensive :(
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