Sunday, November 19, 2006


Blame Canada (and España)

I had a couple of late nights last week getting our latest Greenpeace animation finished; it deals with bottom trawling and needs action now as there are currently talks on sustainable fisheries at the United Nations. Greenpeace are calling for a moratorium on bottom trawling (dragging) along with a massive number of scientists.

Quite right too.

The result of my "oh-my-the-deadline-is-close" speed animating* is Blame Canada, a spoof cartoon with a cheap bottom gag, flappy dancing and some mild cursing, bleeped for your convenience.

Good to see this one being covered in the mainstream news**, lets hope lots of people take action. You can embed the animation into your own web site if you'd like to help spread the word (code here).

There are too many wonderful creatures in the sea to risk losing them.

* And the fine illustrations and soundtrack produced by DogHorse and Booglie of course. And the initial script ideas by Greenpeace. As the animator I have to do my bit last so I always feel the deadlines loom most for me but obviously it's a team effort!

** Update: Oooh, it's been shown on MTV LIVE as well. Splendid.

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