Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Gillian McKeith's illegal products

Please excuse my schadenfreude but I couldn't resist a post about Gillian McKeith's illegal products. Sexy illegal products at that. No, not a coprophilic bedroom kit, but her horny goat weed complex and wild pink yam complex.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the government agency responsible for ensuring that medicines work and are acceptably safe, has ordered the removal of the two products that promised wonders for all in the bedroom.

MHRA Press Release.

Some animated and musical context for this post.

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Heh. She can't do science, but she goes through the motions.
Pfft! That should be the tag line on her site.
Very witty both of you. :)

Just heard on the radio Music Copyright is NOT going to be extended.

The committee obviously weren't Cliff Richard or Jethro Tull fans and EMI execs will be crying in their Martini's tonight.

For once commonsense rules. Brilliant!
Yay! Thank you Mr Tattieheid, very good news!

I wonder if Cliff will sulk and stop lending Blair his Barbados home now?
He'll probably switch allegience to Brown now and try again in a couple of years. :)

Poor man/boy must be crying all the way to the bank!
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