Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Jingle Kazoos

True to my word I have made a festive animation. I have tooted on the kazoo and have made some cartoon reindeer and at least one person cover their ears in horror.

Jingle Kazoos! Merry Christmas!

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Love it. You are very talented, well ...apart from Kazoos anyway! :)

Have a good Christmas and enjoy the break in general. Thanks for all the entertainment, it's helped keep me sane over the last few months.
Hehe, kazoo is such a fun instrument to be tuneless on. My rendition of 'away in a manger' was particularly special, but it was bit slow for an animation.

And many thanks for your kind words and have a fab Christmas yourself :)
so funny ur pagee, saludos de Peru!
Wonderful! I truly appreciate your art.

Have a merry & blessed Christmas.
I found your beautiful page, today and I apreceat it very much.
Congratulations! You are doing very interesting things, here.
Have a happy New Year, from Portugal.
Hello all! Many thanks, and I hope you're all having a fun festive season!
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