Sunday, December 10, 2006


Penguin Update

Exciting news! Kilgore Trout, my adopted penguin, is back in the penguin colony at Cabo Virgenes in Argentina and there are two eggs being looked after by Kilgore and partner. Last year they had a single chick, fingers crossed both hatch successfully this year.

You can, of course, adopt a penguin yourself or treat yourself to a penguin song.

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nice bloggy.
I want to adopt a penguin!
Okiee. So you don't know me but still. I LOVE PENGUINS. So I searched "penguin" on the bloggy search thing and your blog came up. Ya.

Penguins are awesome.
Penguins are wonderful. I heartily recommend adopting one, very worthwhile.

You might enjoy my video, 30 seconds of penguin joy as you're a fan of them.
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