Saturday, December 09, 2006


Won't Someone Please Think of the Post Offices?!

Oh. They are. Unfortunately despite my best animated efforts and the fine songsmithing of Mr JonnyB it looks like the government is poised to close thousands of them. Bah! Bad government!

Save the Post Office, that's what I say! I don't care if nobody listens*.

JonnyB is currently up for the best UK blog at the weblog awards. As suspicious as I am of any award where they encourage you to vote every day I encourage you to vote for him here.

I'm off to scribble some pictures so have an 'and finally' link... a 1938 fire alarm that conveniently traps the person using it. Splendid.

* Not true, obviously.

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Quite agree with you. If our post office closes this village will lose it's last remaining shop. Bloody politicians.

Like the Santa. Voted for Johnny but I'm not sure about this 24hr vote again bit.

They should have invented a version of that fire alarm for politicians, they're always putting their hands in the till!

Glad your adopted penguin is doing well. :)
I promise to mention the Post Offices in my acceptance speech.
An alternative may be—as we do here in the USA—make the post office a semi-private corporation. Then, for the post past, the government stays out of the post. Of course, that hasn’t improved mail delivery here; however, it can save some post offices.
I worry about what would happen to rural services if the Post Office became a corporation. They'd either be dropped or made so expensive that no-body could afford them. It's troublesome.

There are massive rural areas in the USA aren't there, how do they cope?
Ha ha ha !! I love your animations ! And about penguins, they're really cool, I'm a big fan too :)
More penguins fans! Hooray!
Hello and thanks Nath :)
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