Saturday, January 13, 2007



Lots going on at the moment so very little time to play online. Busy with work after the holiday, preparing for a terribly grown-up* dinner party this weekend and my only distraction has been the occasional animangle.

I tend to go through different phases with graphics stuff, and a realisation that I hadn't created any new breeds of animal recently led me to make some dog-bird hybrids. I think this wee fellow is my favourite of the bunch.

I call him the doggle. There is a wallpaper version if you'd like to see him in all his glory.

For those interested there are two source images for this, the base hawk image and the cute dog.

For the very interested my next favourite is the pigeon. Mainly because I have a silly fondness for visual puns.

I have also, on my occasional spare moment, been perusing the blog of Mr Yaxlich. I recommend popping over. He has been making me grin.

Have a good weekend all.

* well, maybe not that grown-up

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Great new pictures, they are always of high quality. Keep up the good work!
hey, its really amazing! a dog head n an eagle's body. how have you done it??
Great pictures.I love all of them & mostly the ones with one big eye or big teeth.They really look innocent. I wish you the best & hope that you'll be successful.

Sara from Iran
Excellent as usual. Enjoy your dinner party!
Cheers all.

Justin, it's all down to the mad scientist and his secret laboratory in the basement really, I just take the snapshots.
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