Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I have just spent all of Tuesday...

... believing it to be Wednesday.

I am now confused, but quite pleased as I seem to have gained an entire day.

Probably a good job really, as I have rather a lot to do and wasn't sure when I was going to fit it all in.

But now I have Wednesday.


If you've discovered some free time down the back of the sofa and don't already have stuff to fill it you could always write some ten word reviews or become an exhibitionist about your home.

Oh, and if you're a youngster expecting to get your first passport in the next few months can I recommend you get your skates on and do it in the next month. People applying for their first adult passport from April 2007 will the guinea-pigs for a process the government is calling "Authentication by Interview" (encouragingly described by the Government as an "intrusive interview"). Lovely. You can find more information over at Renew for Freedom.

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aYy, a Free Wednesday for all!!
Freaky, I spent the thursday of that same week, thinking it was friday. At the end of the day I rung someone up on the phone and began, "happy friday!" and they said it was thursday, bumming me up some and then, I got friday the very next day again! That "stuff" works good, but not for a steady diet.

I like The Gimp but it takes a whole other learning curve than Photoshop.
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