Thursday, March 29, 2007


Crikey, people have been voting!

Splendid! Thanks to all sharing your opinions, please keep them coming!

The current results have cartoons firmly in the lead, followed by scenery. Mutants and flowers are tied in third place.

A few nice suggestions, one particularly fine one involving an animation of Humph on a trampoline using "several tall, narrow images side-by-side to capture it. One of Humph going down, one bending the trampoline, and one of him going back up." I'm rather taken by that idea.

Apologies to the person taking offence at my scenic photos only covering Scotland and England. I know there are very nice places in Wales (not to mention elsewhere in the world), it's just I live in Scotland and have many friends and family in England so I tend to be in those places with my camera frequently enough to get a few decent shots. Nothing personal against Wales, honest!

As a partial explanation of my recent absence there are some new photos of the Lake District online as I was down there for a few days. Nice stomping about the hills and one gorgeous sunset.

Life is a little mad at the moment, but hopefully I'll grab a moment to make something fun soon.I have plans for the wee guy up the way to become a drummer. I just need slightly longer days and I'll be sorted......

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What a cute little guy!
No-one in MI5 ever came up with anything that cute!
Haha I agree, love this little critter!
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