Tuesday, April 03, 2007


A lemur licked my shoe*

There is an inclination to think that people who go on about the dangers of ID cards and biometrics and Big Brother and the value of privacy are, well, paranoid nutters. I know people find it odd that I'm so sceptical given my love of computers and t'internet. Here's a few links that might help to explain why...

How to clone a biometric passport while it's still in the bag

Pensioners receive secret details

Woman gets 75,000 bank statements

Go-ahead for Net voting as ministers ignore watchdog

The blatant incompetence of our government to reliably manage data makes me think the proposed website to 'shame' absent parents is an accident waiting to happen. Imagine being the person they incorrectly list.

I was amused by the attempt by McDonalds to redefine McJob. Fighting a losing battle I think, as is the person who attempted to launch a petition to "stop school for people who dnt want o go". Heh.

And finally, boo to Flickr for stopping my old account working. Boooo I say.

I don't use it much but liked being able to track photos of a couple of contacts and I've just discovered that in order to log in I now have to register with Yahoo. I don't have (and don't really want) a Yahoo account.

My annoyance at having to sign up for something I've been signed up to for years was topped off with a set of fabulously recursive links. The page where I'm instructed to sign in with Yahoo has a massive WHY? link. As a curious person I clicked on it and found links to help files and a place to 'speak up' if I had a comment about the change. Both took me back to the sign in page. Arf! It seems I'm too late to do anything other than comply. Well, that or leave the account to slowly whither away of course, pining for the old days of the net.......

Oh dear, I'm such a moaning minnie at times. Have a nice serene picture of a pretty sunset and birds to compensate.

* I have nothing to add to this statement really. It's just the most bizarre thing that's happened to me since my last post and I didn't have a title.

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