Thursday, June 28, 2007


Monster Island

I have been making monsters! Rarrrrrrr! Turns out I'm not very good at drawing monsters as I don't think they're meant to be cute, but heh, the song is called Monster Island so the characters are monsters. That's all there is to it.

Monster Island

And now the news.

House eclectech is very happy. A baby is on the way! Oh my!

According to the BBC I'm part of a trend of women who went to uni and put off babies until their thirties. It's been a while since I've been part of a trend, it's rather reassuring in its own way. I wonder if the rest of my pregnant peers are as keen as I am on these hats, which are almost tempting me to attempt knitting.

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Congratulations, you lovely lady :)
Deepest joy for you and the trainee eclectec.... the hats are that good they make me broody.... Congratulations to you :)
Thanks both. It's an exciting time, and ever-so-slightly scary :)
Yep: Monster Island makes me exactly seven kinds of happy. Or maybe eight.

Congratulations! What lovely news. :)
Hello stranger, just popped in to say congrats on the bairn. What a strange and confusing upbringing it's sure to have ;)
Congrats on the young 'un. Hope he/she is as happy as you!
Thanks again all!

Strange and confusing is the way forward Phil! I'm already working out pictures for the baby's room :)
Good Grief!

This revelations comes as a great surprise.

You went to uni ?!
Hehe, you're a very cheeky man Mr BBD ;)
Congratulations madam!
I'll get knitting shall I?
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