Monday, November 26, 2007


Milk Pistols

Motherhood has been on my mind recently, so it seemed appropriate to deal with it in an animation. I also thought that having the audacity to plan making an animation so close to baby's due date would guarantee an early (or at least prompt) appearance but no, so here you go...

Milk Pistols (700KB Flash).


I linked to your "Voodoo Trombones'' video on the parenting blog of the Star-Ledger newspaper in Newark, NJ. My kids love your stuff. I thought you were a guy. Now I see your a mum! Congrats on your new baby. I'm sure I'll link to you again.
Thanks! I've yet to show my son my animations but I'm hoping he likes them too when he's a little older.

I'll check out your parenting blog for any handy hints!
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