Friday, February 25, 2011


Oh my. This is a bit rubbish.

Someone just posted some spam in the comments of an old post and it was emailed to me.

It reminded me that I had a blog so I popped over to have a look. It is older than I realised.

I will muse, and decide whether to abandon it or try and make use of it again.

I think I will try to keep it going.

Have a shocked and dizzy pom pom while I think about it...


Did you see the clip of Mitt Romney saying that he liked Michigan because the trees were the right height? And that he liked cars.

I adapted "What a Wonderful World" as follows:

Mitt Romney's Ode to Michigan

I see trees of green, red Mustangs too
I see them zoom, past by me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful state

I see Lakes of blue and Ash of white,
The lakes made from water, the Ash the right height
And I think to myself what a wonderful state

The tallness of the Basswoods, so pretty in the sky
Are just about the right size for people going by
I meet friends, shaking hands, saying how do you do
They're really saying, I'll vote for you

I kiss babies crying; I'll watch them grow
To the right height for an American Joe
And I think to myself what a wonderful state
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful state

Could you use this or do something with it?
Oh and he said he liked Lakes and he used to drive a Mustang.
Apologies, I am very slow at checking the blog these days. Excellent new lyrics, unfortunately there are complications with covers / parody versions of songs in the UK, even if they're just for fun, so we're avoiding them for the moment.
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